Private acting coach Steve Richard Harris self tapes actors.

When not on set, Steve Richard Harris, based in Los Angeles, coaches actors at his acting studio in Santa Monica.

Steve didn’t just open his self tape studio because it was a good idea. He’s been a professional union actor for over thirty years and has coached hundreds of acting students from New York to Los Angeles. The bottom line…when Steve coaches actors for their auditions, they book.

The Inspired Actor

“If we want the film industry to take us seriously, we have to take our careers seriously, on every level. Therefore, it is vital that we are clear as to how we plan to maintain and deepen our craft on a daily basis. Just as musicians take great care to maintain their instruments, it’s essential for actors to care for their minds and bodies. I find it very difficult to stay motivated and on the ready if I’m feeling run down; therefore, some daily discipline is a necessity for actors. Once again to quote my dear mentor, John Walcutt, “We must create structure. Then create freedom within that structure.” Acting, without a doubt, is a way of life. So, having some guidelines for ourselves that keep us within the boundaries of an active creative lifestyle is the least we can do. We all have our go-­to list of activities that puts us in “the zone”. For the most part, they usually fall under the category of mind, body, or soul, most likely a combination of the three. It’s imperative to commit to several daily activities that keep us connected to our creative selves. Instead of having some abstract idea about what you should be doing, make an actual game plan. Be certain it’s specific and goal oriented. There’s no correct way other than the way of consistency. We don’t need to wait for the film industry to call on us before we can feel like actors. The work we do on a daily basis is what makes us actors. All we have is our work and no one can ever take that away from us. We shouldn’t allow something that we’re deeply passionate about become so unimportant that we can’t give it at least thirty minutes a day. I’ve always loved a classroom environment for that reason. I started training when I was eighteen and unless I’m working on a project regularly, I’ve been committed to some type of class or workshop environment. Surrounding myself with like­minded actors that support and relate to the process of acting has been the absolute joy and key ingredient to my longevity on this path. Actors with lasting careers feed themselves creatively on a daily basis. Maintaining a creative life style supports all the crafting we’ve all done through the years and ensures us it will be there for us when we’re acting.”

Actor Self Tape Auditions that BOOK!!!

Actors are booking time and time again after working with private acting coach Steve Richard Harris at on the West Side in Santa Monica and for good reason! Not just state of the art lights, camera and sound but a relaxing creative environment that allows an actor to be at their very best and on point. Talent agents, managers, casting directors and directors love the results and keep sending their clients to work with Steve on a regular basis.


Steve Richard Harris – Selt Tape Service

It took me eighteen years in New York to learn how to act. So far it has taken me ten years in LA to learn how not to act. What does that mean, “to not act?” One of my teachers, Elizabeth Payne, always reminded actors, “We’re not doing a scene, we’re having a conversation!” It actually takes years to simply listen and talk. It is the job of an actor to turn meaningless words on a page into an organic communication between two strangers. As a French king once said, the job of an artist is to,” …make the difficult easy, the easy natural and the natural beautiful.”
The Inspired Actor - Now available on Amazon

The Inspired Actor – Now available on Amazon



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7 days a week, actors happily avoid Hollywood and cruise into Santa Monica to tape at for a studio quality audition tape.
Steve Richard Harris (Atlantic Rim 2) coaches actors at his studio on Wilshire blvd, right off the 405 freeway.

Todays Quote:
“Two little mice fell in a bucket of cream. The first mouse quickly gave up and drowned. The second mouse, wouldn’t quit. He struggled so hard that eventually he churned that cream into butter and crawled out.”


On-camera training is essential for success in the film industry. Private coaching with Steve Richard Harris is available, so book now!

Audition self tape for actors is available 7 day a week. Conveiniet for Los Angeles, Hollywood, West Hollywood, Culver City, Venice, Marina Del Rey, Playa Del Rey, Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach the West Side and beyond! on YELP!

Self Tape Auditions in Los Angeles Open 7 Days!!!

From Los Angeles to New York, actors are booking their self tape audition tapes at a great place on the Westside in the heart of Santa Monica. Acting coaches, agents, managers casting directors, producers and directors send their clients to work with acting veteran, author of, “The Inspired Actor” and private acting coach Steve Richard Harris. Steve’s IMDB credits prove to be reason enough not to book with other self taping studios in Hollywood, Los Angeles, Burbank or anywhere else for that matter! They all offer you a trained “reader” to work with and to be coached by. Is that what an actors dream should rely on? Especially when actors are paying to be seen???

BOOK NOW! and BOOOK your next audition!!!

Another SUCCESS STORY! Andrew Tinpo Lee just booked several episodes on a new Hulu Series after coaching and self taping with Steve!
“Hey Steve. Just wanted to let you know I booked 2 episodes on the Hulu series we taped a couple weeks ago. Thanks!

SELF TAPE HOLLYWOOD, LOS ANGELES, SANTA MONICA, WEST SIDE ACTORS! provides actors with studio quality equipment, a relaxing and creative atmosphere and a veteran actor to read, coach and act with. Steve Richard Harris serves the acting community with absolute passion and grace. The ability to jump right into a scene with an actor and create a living experience is a rare talent. Actors that self tape with Steve benefit greatly and return again and again to his studio for actors in the heart of Santa Monica’s Westside.

Google reviews

Mindee de Lacey
Wow! So happy to have found this place! I had to put an audition on tape ASAP and was a little panicked as my go to taping place was booked. What I found was a joy! The whole process was stress free and easy. Steve was awesome from beginning to end and l look forward to going back for my next self tape audition.

Christopher Guyton
I had a wonderful time working with Steve. He made me feel comfortable and at ease, there was no rush. We worked on the scene until we felt like it was the right one. I will definitely be working with him again. He is awesome!

Jaclyn Bernstein
Steve is wonderful. Truly. Not only a seasoned actor himself, from the NY stage to the mayhem of LA, but he is an authentic soul with a caring heart who can help you get your best performance.


Steve Richard Harris – Selt Tape Service


Self Tape Audition with FREE Coaching with a TV Star!

Steve Richard Harris not only tapes and coaches actors at his self tape studio in Santa Monica but he actually lives the scene with them. The ability to sink right into a story and be present with an actor auditioning for a role is a quality that’s rare for any actor. Steve brings thirty years of acting training, auditioning and working on film and television projects. With over 140 episodes of TV and film, Steve coaches actors to truly live in the moment of the given situation of a scene. Steve’s passion for the craft of acting comes through his coaching as he guides actors’ self tape auditions to stand out amongst the rest.

Book your next self tape audition at and nail your audition! Make your agents and managers proud to submit your actors self tape audition to any casting director or producer in the business.

Read the reviews on YELP!

7 DAYS A WEEK! Los Angeles actors are flocking to in Santa Monica

Steve Richard Harris opened his self tape studio for actors who want not only to be taped in a state of the art studio but that want to work and be coached by a true actor that understands an artists process. For thirty-years, Steve has shot over 140 episodes of TV and has been in numerous films throughout his acting career. Most recently he played the lead in the Lifetime Network movie, “The Wrong Neighbor” and recently wrapped a movie playing Dr. JP Roth for The Asylum Productions in “Atlantic Rim 2”

When not on set, you can catch Steve Richard Harris on the westside of Los Angeles right on Wilshire blvd in the heart of Santa Monica!

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As the owner and operator of SelfTapeService I also reside in Santa Monica, California. I can keep the self tape studio open 7 days a week because of our location right on the westside!

My agent Denny at “The House of Reprentatives”, loves bragging about his client to all the casting directors that I have the #1 self tape studio for actors in the film industry. “Steve Richard Harris spends his day working with actors in front and behind the camera. Thats how you stay sharp in this town!” Gotta love the enthusiasm…

Check out this project I recently did!!!

Hey, why not? I love to act and I never turn down a gig…almost.
Here’s some Google shots of me 🙂


The reviews are in…

“Looked at Steve’s Demo tape, saw he sure can act. Then went over to put a scene down on tape. Studio clean and organized, equipment good, lighting very good – so we started. Really liked Steve’s manner, direction and feedback. Rates are so affordable and Studio is in SANTA MONICA, my location – Thank you Lord for that! Highly recommend this place.”
Chris k

“Steve totally went above and beyond what I was expecting. He’s super nice and easy to work with.
Plus, The quality of the finished cut looks amazing – 1000 times better than what I could do at home. Worth every penny! I’ll definitely be back. It’s nice to finally find a good self-tape service on the Westside!”
Katelyn C

“My manager got me an important audition and I needed to tape the pages and get them in fast! I’ve been a paying member of another studio, but despite paying monthly… they could not help me in a short time… that place wanted me to wait a day. I found this place through a Google search and let me tell you… SOOOO WORTH IT! Self Stape Studios are brand spankin new, clean, a real comfortable environment and… they got me in fast, on time and…. THEY GOT ME THE CALLBACK because I didn’t have to worry and do the taping in my apartment with bad lights. Self Tape is AWESOME and… the price is real good too! I’m going to tape all my stuff here because it’s so much easier and better than hoping I get it right in my apartment!!!”
Tom C

“SO GLAD to have found this place!! No more schlepping to Hollywood The tape looks/sounds fantastic and the reader was top notch- an actor who gets it (doesn’t try to overshadow… but actually gives you something to play off) and knows how to give you your best read. He cared how I felt about my performance and really worked to make the experience as seamless as possible. Thank you! Looking forward to my next self-tape with you!”
Georgia H

“I recorded a self-tape here the other day, and cannot recommend it enough!! Steve was fantastic to work with, and at a great price! What I really loved was how he let me see the recording as we went along to make sure I was happy with it, and – due to how short my scene was – was open to just running the scene over and over. He was a great actor to work with, completely open to getting what I wanted, and provided me the footage right away. If you need a self-tape in the Venice/Santa Monica area, this is the place to go!”
Melanie A

“My new “go-to” spot for self-tapes. Steve goes above and beyond to make sure you have a successful session. He’s encouraging, supportive and completely professional. He doesn’t rush you, get annoyed at cutting and starting again and reads like a pro (he’s a professional actor, which really helps!). I’m so glad he opened this studio and I’m looking forward to more high-quality tapes and good times. Thanks Steve!”
Erin V

“I got a last second self tape during pilot season and Steve was available to help me out. Not only is he a great reader, but he went out of his way to make sure I felt as comfortable as possible to get the best tape possible. We were able to get great takes and he had them sent off to me,professionally edited together, within the hour. I highly recommend using this service!”
Ruffin P

Santa Monica Location finally!

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Steve Richard Harris

That Self Tape Audition Service in Santa Monica is the best!!! draws celebrity clients for a reason…Top notch studio, quick high quality turn-a-round and you read with actor and private acting coach Steve Richard Harris.

The studio is clean, relaxing and conveniently located in the heart of Santa Monica!

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Steve Richard Harris – Selt Tape Service

Relaxation is probably the most important thing acting requires. How can we become still, if we don’t know how to relax? Only when you are relaxed and completely still on the inside can you truly hear what someone else is saying. The director of the movie Grease, Randal Kleiser once told me about something great actors do immediately before “action” is called to start a scene. They “go to zero”. With all the distractions and pressures of a major studio production, they just drop into the center of their beings and become completely relaxed. From that quiet place emerge all the images and choices and everything else they’ve worked on at home.
What’s the first thing we do when we want to relax? Breathe! If your breathing is tense your acting will be tense. Without breath there is no life. So if you’re not relaxed and your breathing is cut off or obstructed, the very life you are trying to infuse into a scene will be “lifeless”. It will lack the truth that’s needed in order for the audience to be captivated and moved. Not to mention, if your breathing isn’t relaxed and your director wants tears, forget it. How many buckets of tears have rolled down our cheeks rehearsing a scene at home or in the car on the way to an audition? Why are we so brilliant then? Because we’re relaxed and taking our time feeding on images then boom, the release. However, when we get into that audition room, our nerves take over and we wind up chasing an emotional result instead. That’s when actors over act because even the greatest imagination and choices won’t affect an actor who isn’t relaxed.

Acting Coach Steve Richard Harris Self Tapes in Santa Monica

When I decided opened on the Westside in Santa Monica, people would ask me again and again “What’s going to set your self tape studio for actors apart from the other self tape places all around Hollywood?” So I did the research and paid a visit or called most of the self tape studios in Los Angeles and what I found was interesting to say the least…The majority of self tape places offered what is referred to as a “reader”. A person hired to read the lines with you. This person will also coach you as you shell out the bucks for your dream profession to blossom. Who is this “reader”??? Again, based on my research of self taping studios for actors auditions, the majority offer non actors or the greenest of the green newbies in the business to delve into your audition scene with. Enough said…
Now book with and “read” with Steve Richard Harris and experience the difference when you engage with an actor with over thirty-years and 140 episodes of TV and Film behind him. Don’t mess around. Work with the real deal. Get booked and get on with your acting career. Private coaching or self taping. Camera, lights, sound…the highest quality studio with a real actor is what you get when you book you next self tape acting audition at

Top quality self tape studio service for actor auditions

Celebrity favorite for self tapes is nestled right in the heart of Santa Monica’s west side. On Wilshire blvd one block west of Centinela ave. across from Bristol Farms and Big 5 to be exact!

State of the art equipment, experienced professional actors to read with, great rates, clean and spacious studio with all the amenities including parking, quick edited/downloadable self tape audition turnaround. is the #1 choice for casting directors, talent agents, managers, theater and film directors as well as TV and movie producers!

Veteran soap star Steve Richard Harris owns and operates this wonderful place where actors can relax and get the best possible self tape to help book their auditions on a regular basis.

Convenient self tape audition location for the West side…Santa Monica, Pacific Palisades, Venice, Marina del Rey, Mar Vista, Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach etc.

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Self Tape Service – Palm Trees on Wilshire in Santa Monica


A Self tape audition place that stands out among all of the rest. Seriously… if you want an actor, not just a trained reader to work with, an actor with 30 years of acting/training and coaching behind him (140 episodes of TV alone)…Then Steve Richard Harris, owner and operator of is the self tape and coaching studio for you.

A place for actors, agents, managers and casting directors can count on for every audition. Professional equipment offers super crisp audio/video/lights. Quick editing/compressing/transferring turnaround. Coaching with Steve Richard Harris is part of the deal. A session at

Come on down to Santa Monica’s West side right on Wilshire blvd. one block north of Centinella ave.

Premiere self tape studio offers seasoned career actors to read with you

If your usual self tape audition place isn’t bringing the absolute best out of you than your throwing your money away! First off you should look like an absolute star. If the studio offers not only topnotch cameras, lights and sound but also an operator that is skilled and artistic than your in great hands. Next…the sixty-four thousand question…who is you READER. Yes, just any ol’ person that has a drop of playfulness in them can sit there and robotically respond to you with the words written on the page. OR…as long as your paying your hard earned money for another rare opportunity to be seen and to book a role which is all part of your dream…Choose a self tape studio like and spend this time working with veteran actor’s like Steve Richard Harris


Steve Richard Harris – Selt Tape Service

The Inspired Actor - Now available on Amazon

The Inspired Actor – Now available on Amazon