• Steve Richard Harris

    My Philosophy:

    “Keep it simple. Stick to the basics. Make a choice. Be specific. Be present.”

    Steve Richard Harris’ teaching approach to the audition process of “keep it simple, stick to the basics, make a choice, be specific and be present”, consistently helps actors book work. Steve’s career spans over 30 years, acting in over 140 episodes of TV and film to date and he has coached hundreds of actors to do the same. His book “The Inspired Actor” has motivated actors worldwide, to delve deeper into their craft as a daily practice. Work with industry veteran Steve Richard Harris and hone your craft!

    “Thirty Years, from NY to LA, my rollercoaster of a career, while raising three talented daughters, has gone from accepting a Daytime Emmy for best show, “One Life to Live” to “Sex and the City” as Charlottes’ Gardener to a “2015 Cannes Film Festival” selection for the film “Prisoner”. I’ve recently wrapped the lead in three new films this past year; "The Wrong Neighbor" (Lifetime), “The Domicile” and “Atlantic Rim 2”, for Asylum Productions. “

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    - Actor for 30 years
    - Authored 'The Inspired Actor' available on Amazon
    - Founder & Director of the nonprofit organization 'Artists for Artists Foundation' est. 2014

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