The reviews are in…

“Looked at Steve’s Demo tape, saw he sure can act. Then went over to put a scene down on tape. Studio clean and organized, equipment good, lighting very good – so we started. Really liked Steve’s manner, direction and feedback. Rates are so affordable and Studio is in SANTA MONICA, my location – Thank you Lord for that! Highly recommend this place.”
Chris k

“Steve totally went above and beyond what I was expecting. He’s super nice and easy to work with.
Plus, The quality of the finished cut looks amazing – 1000 times better than what I could do at home. Worth every penny! I’ll definitely be back. It’s nice to finally find a good self-tape service on the Westside!”
Katelyn C

“My manager got me an important audition and I needed to tape the pages and get them in fast! I’ve been a paying member of another studio, but despite paying monthly… they could not help me in a short time… that place wanted me to wait a day. I found this place through a Google search and let me tell you… SOOOO WORTH IT! Self Stape Studios are brand spankin new, clean, a real comfortable environment and… they got me in fast, on time and…. THEY GOT ME THE CALLBACK because I didn’t have to worry and do the taping in my apartment with bad lights. Self Tape is AWESOME and… the price is real good too! I’m going to tape all my stuff here because it’s so much easier and better than hoping I get it right in my apartment!!!”
Tom C

“SO GLAD to have found this place!! No more schlepping to Hollywood The tape looks/sounds fantastic and the reader was top notch- an actor who gets it (doesn’t try to overshadow… but actually gives you something to play off) and knows how to give you your best read. He cared how I felt about my performance and really worked to make the experience as seamless as possible. Thank you! Looking forward to my next self-tape with you!”
Georgia H

“I recorded a self-tape here the other day, and cannot recommend it enough!! Steve was fantastic to work with, and at a great price! What I really loved was how he let me see the recording as we went along to make sure I was happy with it, and – due to how short my scene was – was open to just running the scene over and over. He was a great actor to work with, completely open to getting what I wanted, and provided me the footage right away. If you need a self-tape in the Venice/Santa Monica area, this is the place to go!”
Melanie A

“My new “go-to” spot for self-tapes. Steve goes above and beyond to make sure you have a successful session. He’s encouraging, supportive and completely professional. He doesn’t rush you, get annoyed at cutting and starting again and reads like a pro (he’s a professional actor, which really helps!). I’m so glad he opened this studio and I’m looking forward to more high-quality tapes and good times. Thanks Steve!”
Erin V

“I got a last second self tape during pilot season and Steve was available to help me out. Not only is he a great reader, but he went out of his way to make sure I felt as comfortable as possible to get the best tape possible. We were able to get great takes and he had them sent off to me,professionally edited together, within the hour. I highly recommend using this service!”
Ruffin P

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