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Relaxation is probably the most important thing acting requires. How can we become still, if we don’t know how to relax? Only when you are relaxed and completely still on the inside can you truly hear what someone else is saying. The director of the movie Grease, Randal Kleiser once told me about something great actors do immediately before “action” is called to start a scene. They “go to zero”. With all the distractions and pressures of a major studio production, they just drop into the center of their beings and become completely relaxed. From that quiet place emerge all the images and choices and everything else they’ve worked on at home.
What’s the first thing we do when we want to relax? Breathe! If your breathing is tense your acting will be tense. Without breath there is no life. So if you’re not relaxed and your breathing is cut off or obstructed, the very life you are trying to infuse into a scene will be “lifeless”. It will lack the truth that’s needed in order for the audience to be captivated and moved. Not to mention, if your breathing isn’t relaxed and your director wants tears, forget it. How many buckets of tears have rolled down our cheeks rehearsing a scene at home or in the car on the way to an audition? Why are we so brilliant then? Because we’re relaxed and taking our time feeding on images then boom, the release. However, when we get into that audition room, our nerves take over and we wind up chasing an emotional result instead. That’s when actors over act because even the greatest imagination and choices won’t affect an actor who isn’t relaxed.