2214 Artemis Pl, Los Angeles, CA 90064

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No additional charges, period! Includes coaching, reader, dual teleprompter, shooting multiple scenes, takes, and slate all with instant playback. Edited and WeTransferred to your email within 2 hours.



Andrew Lee

Los Angeles, CA

Just booked a few episodes on a new Hulu Series! Steve gave just the right amount of direction and…Bingo! Thanks Steve Richard Harris!

Chris Kriesa

Los Angeles, CA

Sometimes i tape the small auditions myself, but had another big one and wanted to work with Steve at Self Tape.  Glad I did, he is an actors director, helped me see what I missed and how to get there. That means a lot in this tough business. Thanks Steve!

Georgia-Grace Hays

Los Angeles, CA

SO GLAD to have found this place!! No more schlepping to Hollywood  The tape looks/sounds fantastic and the reader was top notch- an actor who gets it (doesn't try to overshadow... but actually gives you something to play off) and knows how to give you your best read. He cared how I felt about my performance and really worked to make the experience as seamless as possible. Thank you! Looking forward to my next self-tape with you!

John-Paul Lavoisier

Los Angeles, CA

I cannot imagine a better place to have your self tape done. Steve knows EXACTLY what you need, and exactly how to make it happen. Extremely comfortable, very personable. You with feel right at home here and thus, making your performance on dead solid point. Arrive knowing you will leave with a perfect piece of material to represent yourself. Steve is not only a master artist, but he cares. He, CARES. Which I find extremely rare in this town. Run run RUN to his location!

Melanie Avalon

Los Angeles, CA

I recorded a self-tape here the other day, and cannot recommend it enough!! Steve was fantastic to work with, and at a great price! What I really loved was how he let me see the recording as we went along to make sure I was happy with it, and - due to how short my scene was - was open to just running the scene over and over. He was a great actor to work with, completely open to getting what I wanted, and provided me the footage right away. If you need a self-tape in the Venice/Santa Monica area, this is the place to go!

John Walcutt

Los Angeles, CA

I love this guy. A real pro and a terrific LA man. I've known him for more than a decade and this new service is first rate: great equipment, fast turnaround, right on the Westside...and Steve has been there and done that. Loves actors and acting and a life devoted making a career of it. Highly recommended!

Mindee de Lacey

Santa Monica, CA

Wow! So happy to have found this place! I had to put an audition on tape ASAP and was a little panicked as my go to taping place was booked. What I found was a joy! The whole process was stress free and easy. Steve was awesome from beginning to end and l look forward to going back for my next self tape audition.

John Zeledon

Santa Monica, CA

If you've been thinking about doing a self tape audition at home, DON'T. Steve is an extremely friendly guy and accomplished actor, so he "gets it." You will feel comfortable within seconds and ready to crush your audition knowing it will look professional. 15 minutes later you will wonder why in the world you ever thought about doing this anywhere else. This doesn't have to be hard, people! Do yourself a favor and come here instead of pulling your hair out at home.

Katelyn Causey

Malibu, CA

Steve totally went above and beyond what I was expecting. He's super nice and easy to work with. Plus, The quality of the finished cut looks amazing - 1000 times better than what I could do at home. Worth every penny! I'll definitely be back. It's nice to finally find a good self-tape service on the Westside!