Self Tape Auditions in Los Angeles Open 7 Days!!!

From Los Angeles to New York, actors are booking their self tape audition tapes at a great place on the Westside in the heart of Santa Monica. Acting coaches, agents, managers casting directors, producers and directors send their clients to work with acting veteran, author of, “The Inspired Actor” and private acting coach Steve Richard Harris. Steve’s IMDB credits prove to be reason enough not to book with other self taping studios in Hollywood, Los Angeles, Burbank or anywhere else for that matter! They all offer you a trained “reader” to work with and to be coached by. Is that what an actors dream should rely on? Especially when actors are paying to be seen???

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Another SUCCESS STORY! Andrew Tinpo Lee just booked several episodes on a new Hulu Series after coaching and self taping with Steve!
“Hey Steve. Just wanted to let you know I booked 2 episodes on the Hulu series we taped a couple weeks ago. Thanks!