Premiere self tape studio offers seasoned career actors to read with you

If your usual self tape audition place isn’t bringing the absolute best out of you than your throwing your money away! First off you should look like an absolute star. If the studio offers not only topnotch cameras, lights and sound but also an operator that is skilled and artistic than your in great hands. Next…the sixty-four thousand question…who is you READER. Yes, just any ol’ person that has a drop of playfulness in them can sit there and robotically respond to you with the words written on the page. OR…as long as your paying your hard earned money for another rare opportunity to be seen and to book a role which is all part of your dream…Choose a self tape studio like and spend this time working with veteran actor’s like Steve Richard Harris


Steve Richard Harris – Selt Tape Service

The Inspired Actor - Now available on Amazon

The Inspired Actor – Now available on Amazon