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Self Tape Service Blue Logo is a self tape studio on the West Side of Los Angeles in Santa Monica on Wilshire blvd right off the 405 freeway. Here! Free parking adds to the connivence of this wonderful and charming actors studio for all your self taping needs. Veteran Soap star Steve Richard Harris owns and operates and works with each actor that walks through his door to ensure the actors performance and taping are top notch.
Steve brings 30 years of acting on TV and film sets and wrote “The Inspired Actor”.
The Inspired Actor - Now available on Amazon

The Inspired Actor – Now available on Amazon


Self Tape Service - Actors Weekly Workout

Self Tape Service – Actors Weekly Workout

Self Tape Audition Studio on Wilshire blvd off the 405 freeway.


Self Tape Service Logo HERE on Wilshire blvd, has been stealing all the business from the competition! Actors on the West Side of Los Angeles from Santa Monica to Culver City to Manhattan Beach have joyfully given up on their old self taping places in Hollywood, Burbank, Studio City etc.’s RATES are not only fair but include everything. No hidden fees, after hour charges, NO FEES FOR COACHING! Steve Richard Harris is there to work one on one with each actor, ensuring a note-worthy performance with every single client.
Steve Richard Harris - Self Tape Service

Steve Richard Harris – Self Tape Service


“I cannot imagine a better place to have your self tape done. Steve knows EXACTLY what you need, and exactly how to make it happen. Extremely comfortable, very personable. You with feel right at home here and thus, making your performance on dead solid point. Arrive knowing you will leave with a perfect piece of material to represent yourself. Steve is not only a master artist, but he cares. He, CARES. Which I find extremely rare in this town. Run run RUN to his location” John-Paul Lavoisier – Actor

Best Self Tape in Los Angeles has been named “THE BEST ACTOR SELF TAPE AUDITION SERVICE” by the Artists for Artists Foundation in Santa Monica, California. State of the art filming equipment coupled with acting coach, author and thirty-year acting veteran Steve Richard Harris to work one on one with each and every actor, makes the go-to place for serious minded actors.

Yelp reviews tell the story of this hot spot directly from your acting peers. Agents, managers and casting directors highly recommend so BOOK NOW!

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Self Tape Home Page Logo is hands down the best self tape actor audition studio in the business. Los Angeles agents, managers and casting directors work directly with Steve Richard Harris, owner and operator of this gem of a spot in Santa Monica’s West Side. HERE!!!
Steve works one on one with every actor that walks through the door. With over 140 episodes of TV and films in his 30 year acting career (IMDB), Steve has coached hundreds of actors that consistantly book on a regular basis.
See you at the studio!!!!!

Audition Self Tape Service for Actors in SANTA MONICA! in Santa Monica on Wilshire blvd and Centinella ave. offers actors the opportunity to self tape their auditions in a completely relaxed, comfortable and safe environment. Acting coach Steve Richard Harris works one on one with each and every actor that walks through the door. Steve brings over 140 episodes of TV and film experience in his 30 year career as an actor in New York and Los Angeles. IMDB Steve!


Steve Richard Harris – Selt Tape Service

The Space!!!
The Clips!!!
The YELP Reviews!!!
Book Now!!! For bookings and general inquiries, please call us at (310) 425-3803 today!!!

Self Tape Santa Monica with FREE Coaching for Actors

Steve Richard Harris has quickly become one of the most sought after private acting coaches in the TV and Film industry. It wasn’t until he opened in Santa Monica on the West Side of Los Angeles that the industry started to really recognize the impact Steve was having on actors auditions and working performances. Working with as many as ten actors a day on various projects from commercials to TV series to low and high budget feature films, talent agents and casting directors call on Steve to get the job done. In his book “The Inspired Actor”, Steve motivates actors to be accountable for the development and maintenance of their craft on a regular basis.

The Inspired Actor - Now available on Amazon

The Inspired Actor – Now available on Amazon

“Life can really weigh an artist down sometimes. Inspiration is a necessity to stay focused on your goals. It’s the only fuel that strengthens our will to sustain the great and mighty effort to stay in the mix.
So what is the path that actors have taken before us? What wisdom can they provide us? It’s the cliché response that is most appropriate: we must find joy in the journey. Many actors that I know, who are way beyond their sixties all continue to create on a daily basis. They continue to “show up” for their art, for their business and for their dream. That’s who they are and that’s what they do. Most importantly, their emphasis is mostly on the work. Yes the work. Not the stage, not the set, but the work. I heard an agent say just the other day, “Basketball players don’t sit around and wait for game day. They shoot, run layups and throw passes all day every day. Why should it be different for actors?” I think the only way to stay driven and inspired is by doing the work every day, something that keeps the creative juices flowing.”


Santa Monica Self Tape/Video for Actor Auditions with FREE Coaching!

FREE???? Yes, same low rates and you get veteran TV soap star, author and coach Steve Richard Harris (One Life To Live) all to yourself!

Andrew Lee
Just booked a few episodes on a new Hulu Series! Steve gave just the right amount of direction and…Bingo! Thanks Steve Richard Harris!

Chris Kriesa
Sometimes i tape the small auditions myself, but had another big one and wanted to work with Steve at Self Tape. Glad I did, he is an actors director, helped me see what I missed and how to get there. That means a lot in this tough business. Thanks Steve!


Don’t be fooled by all the ads for Self taping services for actors! 99% of them are in Hollywood, Burbank, Studio City etc. NOT on the West Side like they claim. They use addresses from businesses like We-Work but tell clients that the only time slots they have are in their “other” locations. ALSO…Hidden fees! Service fees, quick turn-around time, extra clips, coaching, the list goes on.
At in the heart of Santa Monica, right on Wilshire blvd and Centinella ave. Right here!
Our RATES include everything! That’s right, everything. Owner/operator Steve Richard Harris not only runs the place but personally works one on one with every client that walks through the doors. As an actor with over 30 years of experience and over 140 episodes of TV and films in his career, Steve wrote the book “The Inspired Actor”, available on Amazon. Coaching actors is one of Steve’s greatest joys, especially knowing his clients book acting jobs again and again. Agents, managers, casting directors all over Los Angeles send their clients to and for good reason! Thank you Steve!!!


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The Best Actors Self Tape Audition Studio HANDS DOWN!!!

You will work with thirty year veteran Actor/Author/Coach Steve Richard Harris,

IMDB him!!! NOT a trained “Reader” at this place, no way!

Santa Monica LOCATION!!!

Private Training PACKAGES Available!!!

Read the REVIEWS!!! Los Angeles talent reps, casting directors and acting coaches send all of their clients to for an acting/coaching/taping studio that does the kind of work that GETS WORK!!!

Los Angeles Self Tape Audition Services at THIS Studio for Actors is quickly becoming the go-to self tape place that actors, agents, casting directors and even acting coaches go to get a high quality peformance video that will book auditions.

The REVIEWS are IN!!! See what the industry is saying about and check out the awesome clips and images on the site as well!

Work with actor/author/coach Steve Richard Harris, author of “The Inspired Actor” and train how the pros do!

Self Tape Auditions in Los Angeles Book Here!

YELP! gets actors jobs…hands down! Not a day goes by that an acting agent, manager or casting director doesn’t call to personally thank Steve Richard Harris for delivering a self tape that landed an acting gig or at least a call back. As an actor with 30 years experience in front of the camera, Steve has also coached hundreds of actors and also wrote a great little book called “The Inspired Actor” available on Amazon.

The Inspired Actor - Now available on Amazon

The Inspired Actor – Now available on Amazon

Serving actors, artists, college applicants and corporate video needs. Santa Monica, Culver City, Venice, Marina Del Rey, Playa Del Rey, Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach, Long Beach, West Hollywood, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, North Hollywood, Studio City, Burbank, Silver Lake and beyond!

Santa Monica location!