Audition Self Tape for Actors on Santa Monica’s Wilshire Blvd located on the West Side of Los Angeles in Santa Monica 3118 Wilshire Blvd.

Self Tape Studio

Self Tape Studio



Self Tape - Marta Kristen

Self Tape – Marta Kristen



Steve Richard Harris – Selt Tape Service

Steve Richard Harris coaches actors not to only book an acting role but to build a career in the TV and film industry. In his book “THE INSPIRED ACTOR” available on Amazon, Steve motivate and inspires actors and artists alike to train daily on their craft.
The Inspired Actor - Now available on Amazon

The Inspired Actor – Now available on Amazon

The Imagination
“The biggest misconception for actors is that they think, unless they have a reason, be it a class situation or an actual gig, there isn’t any work to be done. However, we really have to be self-reliable and expect less from life and more from ourselves. Since we know that acting is a matter of believing in an imaginary situation, there lies our work! How cool is that? If we could learn to surrender to the images, we’ll have a true experience in front of the camera. The most creative thing an actor can do is spend time living in an imaginary life. One of my favorite acting teachers, Diana Castle, insisted we spent a minimum of an hour a day living in our imagination. We have the golden pass to daydream as much as we want, and the more the better! We always hear how acting is supposed to be fun. If we make our “homework” fun, we would be drawn towards spending some time each day immersed in our craft. The imagination is an odd mechanism if you think about it. It’s not tangible but it’s mighty powerful. Think of one manmade object that has ever existed or will exist, that didn’t originate from someone’s imagination. It doesn’t and won’t exist. As an actor, your main concern should be your ability to accept and believe in an imaginary situation, case closed. In order for an audience to take the ride with us and through us, we have to abandon ourselves to our imagination in telling any story, first.
“If the desire to write is not accomplished by actual writing, then the desire is not to write.”