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Paul Butcher from “ZOEY 101” tells every actor in Hollywood to only self tape their acting auditions at with owner/operator Steve Richard Harris. Steve’s book “The Inspired Actor”, available on AMAZON is a true testament of what it takes to be a life long actor. “If we want the film industry to take us seriously, we have to take our careers seriously, on every level. Therefore, it is vital that we are clear as to how we plan to maintain and deepen our craft on a daily basis. Just as musicians take great care to maintain their instruments, it’s essential for actors to care for their minds and bodies. I find it very difficult to stay motivated and on the ready if I’m feeling run down; therefore, some daily discipline is a necessity for actors. Once again to quote my dear mentor, John Walcutt, “We must create structure. Then create freedom within that structure.” Acting, without a doubt, is a way of life. So, having some guidelines for ourselves that keep us within the boundaries of an active creative lifestyle is the least we can do. We all have our go-­to list of activities that puts us in “the zone”. For the most part, they usually fall under the category of mind, body, or soul, most likely a combination of the three. It’s imperative to commit to several daily activities that keep us connected to our creative selves. Instead of having some abstract idea about what you should be doing, make an actual game plan. Be certain it’s specific and goal oriented. There’s no correct way other than the way of consistency. We don’t need to wait for the film industry to call on us before we can feel like actors. The work we do on a daily basis is what makes us actors. All we have is our work and no one can ever take that away from us. We shouldn’t allow something that we’re deeply passionate about become so unimportant that we can’t give it at least thirty minutes a day. I’ve always loved a classroom environment for that reason. I started training when I was eighteen and unless I’m working on a project regularly, I’ve been committed to some type of class or workshop environment. Surrounding myself with like­minded actors that support and relate to the process of acting has been the absolute joy and key ingredient to my longevity on this path. Actors with lasting careers feed themselves creatively on a daily basis. Maintaining a creative life style supports all the crafting we’ve all done through the years and ensures us it will be there for us when we’re acting.”

The Inspired Actor - Now available on Amazon

The Inspired Actor – Now available on Amazon

Self Tape - Shanley Caswell

Self Tape – Shanley Caswell

IMDB Shanley!

Steve Richard Harris - Self Tape Service

Steve Richard Harris – Self Tape Service