Acting is a way of life. Live it, be it and become it.

The phone rings, the email pops in. It’s your agent! You have to pull a self tape together… Don’t wait for an audition to suddenly be a great actor. Gear your daily life towards evolving your artist. It’s not just about being in an acting class. There are so many ways to stay creative…

Suggested Actors Daily Activities

Stay present throughout the day
Be aware of your breathing
Nature walk
Eat healthy
Play an instrument
Listen to music
Write a short or long story/poem/song
Read a book
Read a play
Muscle memory (memorize anything)
Go to a museum
Play a sport
Take interesting pictures
Shoot a short movie
Do a monologue
Tell a story/joke
Acting or improvisation class
Audition for anything (even if you wouldn’t take the job)
Casting workshop
Look for castings
Act like a child/animal (in private)
People watch
Imagine yourself as a different person/different life
Imagine a death in your life
Contemplate the universe
Clean your house and clutter
Express your love to someone important to you
Structure your day to support your craft
Make goals and a plan of execution
Practice Gratitude

Train with a pro Steve Richard Harris (on set of “The Wrong Neighbor”)