If you haven’t read the stories of Madam Duse yet, get on it. An Italian actress born and raised into the theater in the late 1800’s, she is known as one of the greatest actresses in the history of theater. In preparing for a role, she spent tireless hours staring out of the window crafting images and relationships in her imagination. She created specific details of the life she was about to infuse into a character. Infamous for coming to life on stage as an entirely different human being, it’s been said that she mastered the supreme art of “letting go”. Edouard Schneider said, “Her art became a clear channel of spiritual communion between her and the public”. It’s apparent to me that the path of an actor coincides with that of a spiritual aspirant. We know that in order to truly extract the most joy out of life, the best action we can take is to try to live in the moment. That timeless teaching we know to be the pinnacle of life is ironically the pinnacle of an actor’s work as well. To arrive at a place of complete relaxation and stillness, is why we continue to show up for ourselves everyday.

Read with veteran actor Steve Richard Harris