Read with Steve Richard Harris on the Westside for your next self tape…

“Thirty years, from NY to LA, my rollercoaster of a career, while raising three talented daughters, has gone from accepting a Daytime Emmy for best show, “One Life to Live” to “Sex and the City” as Charlottes’ Gardener to a “2015 Cannes Film Festival” selection for the film “Prisoner”. With over 140 episodes of TV and film credits behind me, CSI NY, Criminal Minds etc. I’ve recently wrapped the lead in three new films this past year; “The Wrong Neighbor” (Lifetime), “The Domicile” and “Atlantic Rim 2”, for Asylum Productions.

My approach to coaching actors draws not only upon decades of training with some of the great acting teachers of our generation, but also a lifetime of meditation and the practice of being present. Living in India for extended periods of time has taught me to incorporate the art of being present as a technique for actors to be more confident and grounded in their work”.


Steve Richard Harris – Selt Tape Service