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Private coach Steve Richard Harris author of “THE INSPIRED ACTOR” available on AMAZON has worked behind and in front of the camera for over 30 years.IMDB Steve!!! IMDB his clients like ERIC BRAEDEN of The Young &the Restless and BRIAN LETCHER of SCANDAL

SELF TAPE SERVICE can be contacted HERE!!! Steve’s website is HERE!!!
Steve’s RESUME!!!
“Gotta say that Steven is awesome. Thought I had booked my appt for today, when it apparently was for yesterday. Fortunately was at the end of the day and he was happy to take me in and run the scene a few times. Pleasure to work with. Professional and an awesome guy. Highly recommend. Don’t go anywhere else. Will be back in the future”.
“I usually tape my own or see another person to coach/tape but as I had a huge series reg audition on a big soap opera and I needed better quality and bonus training from someone who knows the show and the soap world and I spent all night finding a place and was amazed to find Steve as he worked on the show I’m auditioning for and had great quality and even better affordable prices! I lost a little confidence with my abilities as I had never done a monologue in awhile and he gave me confidence to do it without using a teleprompter as most of the lines was a monologue. We did an hour coaching and he helped me nail a lot of things I had missed! Then the taping went incredibly well! I accidentally ran over by 10 or 15mins I think but Steve wanted me to make sure I walked out with what I needed and didn’t charge extra plus he just gave the footage and let me edit it myself, which was better for me as I had my own title. Will definitely use Steve again and recommend!” for more info!