Acting coach Steve Richard Harris self tapes in Santa Monica

An actor not a reader makes all the difference in your self taped auditions.


Steve Richard Harris – Selt Tape Service

It took me eighteen years in New York to learn how to act. So far it has taken me ten years in LA to learn how not to act. What does that mean, “to not act?” One of my teachers, Elizabeth Payne, always reminded actors, “We’re not doing a scene, we’re having a conversation!” It actually takes years to simply listen and talk. It is the job of an actor to turn meaningless words on a page into an organic communication between two strangers. As a French king once said, the job of an artist is to,” …make the difficult easy, the easy natural and the natural beautiful.”
Some actors are fortunate enough to have opportunities to develop their craft on set. The luxury of having a director and a camera to constantly demand simplicity from the actor’s performance is the perfect scenario, in more ways than one. Unfortunately, that’s not usually the case, so the actors must continue developing through their own self-motivation.